Serving Education and Industry to improve bottom line by solving technical problems in the world of the very small.

Itty bitty machines are now being produced and viewed at UBC Okanagan by teams of talented people working together with leading edge equipment to create industrial strength solutions leveraging mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering know-how.

The Micro Fabrication facility is the home of chemistry, light, and laser technologies used to make devices measuring just one millionth of a metre, while the Scanning Electron Microscope facility is used to view objects down to 4 billionths of a metre in size.

The 2small2c facilities make it is possible to create and see very small objects that can produce very big results in mineral exploration, forensics, agriculture, manufacturing and electronics industries.  Open to the community and industry to help solve challenging problems from finding diamonds to making sensors for your smartphone and more, we are here to help solve industrial problems, and excite new generations about Making Little Things Big!


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